domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

One Be Lo - Project F.E.T.U.S (2 CDS)-(2007)

01 Anybody
02 Lesson 1
03 Mic Check (feat. Buff 1)

04 Dro (feat. Magestik Legend)

05 Fast Food (Remix) (feat. Magestik Legend & Decompoze)

06 Take It 2 Da Stage (feat. Decompoze)

07 What Time Is It
08 Here And Now
09 Alphabet Soup
10 One Man's Mission (feat. DJ Virus On The Cuts)
11 Waterworld
12 The Grinch That...
13 Sportz Illa
14 Candelstick
15 What It's All About (Remix)
16 Double Essay (S.S.A) (feat. DJ Virus On The Cuts)
17 Freakin' Flowz
18 One Man Army (Remix)

Dr Dre & LL Cool J - Zoom (Vinyl 12)- (1998)

01-Dr Dre & LL Cool J - Zoom (LP Version)
02-Dr Dre & LL Cool J - Zoom (Instrumental)
03-Dr Dre & LL Cool J - Zoom (Radio Edit - Clean)
04-Dr Dre & LL Cool J - Zoom (Acapella)

Special Ed - Think About It (Vinyl 12)-(1989)

01-Think About It (Original Version)
02-Think About It (Instrumental)
03-Think About It (Howie's Slo-Mo Party Mix)
04-One In A Million (Loose Talk In The Studio)

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

The Braids - Bohemian rhapsody (CDM)-1996

01-Bohemian Rhapsody - Radio Mix 
02-Bohemian Rhapsody - Stripped-Down Mix 
03-Bohemian Rhapsody - Instrumental  
04-Bohemian Rhapsody - A Cappella

Jamal - Fades Em' All (Pete Rock Remix) (CDS)-(1995)

01 - Fades Em All (Album Version)
02 - Fades Em All (Album instrumental)
03 - Fades Em All (Pete Rock Remix) 

04 - Fades Em All (Pete Rock Remix instrumental)

Elisha La'Verne - All night long (Vinyl 12)-1996

A1-  All Night Long (Club Mix)  
B2-  All Night Long (Instrumental) 
B3-  All Night Long (Version extend)

The Dogs - Fuck The President (Vinyl 12)-(1990)

01-Fuck The President
02-Fuck The President (The Dogs Dub)

Rappin' 4-Tay - I'll Be Around (featuring The Spinners) (CDS)-1995

01.I'll Be Around (Timber Mix-Radio Version)  
02.I'll Be Around (Album Edit)  
03.I'll Be Around (Wicked Mix)  
04.I'll Be Around (Al's Brother 2 Brother Mix)  

LL Cool J - 4,3,2,1 (Vinyl 12)-1997

 Vinyl 12 Rare

01-4,3,2,1 (E-Dub Remix 6) (Radio Edit) (Feat. Canibus, DMX, Master  
P, Method Man, & Redman)
02-4,3,2,1 (E-Dub Remix 6) (Regular Version) (Feat. Canibus, DMX,  
Master P, Method Man, & Redman)
03-4,3,2,1 (E-Dub Remix) (Instrumental)  
04-4,3,2,1 (E-Dub Remix 4) (Radio Edit) (Feat. DMX, Method Man, &  
05-4,3,2,1 (E-Dub Remix 4) (Regular Version) (Feat. DMX, Method Man,  
& Redman)
06-4,3,2,1 (E-Dub Remix 5) (A Cappella) (Feat. DMX, Master P, Method  
Man, & Redman)

LL Cool J - Father-(CDM)-1997

 CD Single RARE

01-Father (LP Version)
02-Father (Instrumental)
03-4, 3, 2, 1 (E-Dub Remix 6) (Radio Edit)


01-This Is How We Do It (LP Version)
02-This Is How We Do It (LP Instrumental)
03-I Wanna (LP Version)

04-This Is How We Do It (LP Acappella)

Monie Love - It's A Shame (My Sister) (Promo CDS)-1990

01- It’s A Shame (My Sister) (Album Version)
02- It’s A Shame (My Sister) (Cool As Mix/Edit)
03- It’s A Shame (My Sister) (Cool As Mix)
04- It’s A Shame (My Sister) (Ultimatum Mix)
05 -It’s A Shame (My Sister) (Hot Shot Mix)

Sia - Chandelier-(Promo_CDS)-2014

01.Chandelier (Maintream Edit)
02.Chandelier (Album)
03.Chandelier (Instrumental)

Kelis - Lil_Star-(Promo_CDS)-2006

              01. Lil Star (Radio Edit)                
                    0 2. Lil Star (Album Version)                      
0 3. Lil Star (Instrumental)  


                                          01. Live At The Fishbucket Part II
                                        02. The Cat

                                 03. San Francisco Knights

                                        04. Live At The Fishbucket Part II - Instrumental

                                   05. The Cat - Instrumental

Quad City DJ's - C'Mon N' Ride It (The Train) (CDS)-1996

02. CLUB MIX