domingo, 30 de março de 2014

Killer Mike feat. Bun B, T.I. & Trouble – Big Beast (CDS) (2012)

01-Big Beast (feat. Bun B, T.I. & Trouble) (Explicit)
02-Big Beast (feat. Bun B, T.I. & Trouble) (Clean)

03-Big Beast (feat. Bun B, T.I. & Trouble) (Instrumental)

Petey Pablo ‎– Raise Up (CDS) (2001)

01-Raise Up
02-Raise Up (All Cities Remix)
03-Raise Up (Instrumental)

Eric B. & Rakim – Follow The Leader (UK CDS) (1988)

01-Follow The Leader
02-Follow The Leader (Acapella)
03-Follow The Leader (Dub)

Jungle Brothers – Brain (CDS) (1997)

01-Brain (Radio Edit) (Funky Sounds Mix)
02-Brain (Album)
03-Brain (Instrumental)
04-Brain (A’cappella)

South Circle – New Day (Vinyl12) (1995)

A1 – New Day (Remix)
A2 – New Day (Album Version)
B1 – New Day (Instrumental)

Method Man & Redman – Y.O.U. (CDS) (1999)

01-Y.O.U. (Radio)
02-Y.O.U. (Instrumental)

Redman ‎- Time 4 Sum Aksion (CDS) (1993)

01-Time 4 Sum Aksion (LP Version)
02-Time 4 Sum Aksion (Remix)
03-Time 4 Sum Aksion (Remix Instrumental)

RZA as Bobby Digital ‎– La Rhumba (CDS) (2001)

01-La Rhumba (Clean) (feat. Method Man)
02-La Rhumba (Dirty) (feat. Method Man)
03-La Rhumba (Instrumental)
04-La Rhumba (Accapella)
05-Show U Love (Dirty)

RZA Feat. Xavier Naidoo - Ich Kenne Nichts (Das So Schon Ist Wie Du)-(CDM)-2003

01-Ich Kenne Nichts (Das So Schön Ist Wie Du) (Radio Edit)
02-Ich Kenne Nichts (Das So Schön Ist Wie Du) (Band Edit)
03-Ich Kenne Nichts (Das So Schön Ist Wie Du) (Dust Devil’s Beat Bunker Mix”)
04-Ich Kenne Nichts (Das So Schön Ist Wie Du) (Ulteamate Mix)
05-Ich Kenne Nichts (Das So Schön Ist Wie Du) (Dust Devil’s “Deeply Embedded Mix”)
06-Ich Kenne Nichts (Das So Schön Ist Wie Du) (Instrumental)

Obie Trice – The Set Up (You Don’t Know) (EU Vinyl 12) (2004)

A1-The Set Up (You Don’t Know) (Album Version) (feat. Nate Dogg)
A2-The Set Up (You Don’t Know) (Radio Edit With Intro) (feat. Nate Dogg)
B1-The Set Up (You Don’t Know) (Instrumental)
B2-The Set Up (You Don’t Know) (Acapella) (feat. Nate Dogg)

Terminator X – It All Comes Down To The Money (Promo CDS) (1994)

                                                              CDS RARE                                                                
01-It All Comes Down To The Money (Radio Mix)
02-It All Comes Down To The Money (Extended Mix)
03-It All Comes Down To The Money (Instrumental)

04-It All Comes Down To The Money (Pianopella)

05-It All Comes Down To The Money (Breakdown)

06-Ruff E Nuff (Radio Edit)

Puff Daddy Feat R. Kelly - Satisfy You (Promo CDS) (1999)

01-Radio Mix
03-Call Out Research Hook  

sexta-feira, 28 de março de 2014

Bobby Brown - Rock Witcha (Us Max Single 12)-1989

Vinyl 12  RARE


A1-Bobby Brown - Rock Wit'cha (Extended Version) 
B1-Bobby Brown - Rock Wit'cha (Instrumental)  
B2-Bobby Brown - Rock Wit'cha (Suite)  

Floetry ‎– Floetic (Promo CDM)-2002

01-Radio Mix 
02-Album Version


04-A Cappella 

05-Call-Out Hook

Lucy Pearl - You_(CDM Promo)_2000

01-Lucy Pearl - You - (Album Version w-Q-Tip & Snoop Dogg)
02-Lucy Pearl - You - (Instrumental) 
03-Lucy Pearl - You - (Acappella w-Q-Tip & Snoop Dogg)

04-Lucy Pearl - You - (No Rap Edit)

Lucy Pearl – Lucy Pearl (2000)

                                                      01-Lucy Pearls Way
                                                             03-Dance Tonight



06-Cant Stand Your Mother

07-Good Love

08-Without You

09-Dont Mess With My Man

11-Remember The Times
12-They Cant
13-Do It For The People
15-Lucy Pearl Tells

Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel (1988)

                                                          01-Cruel Prelude
02-Don’t Be Cruel

03-My Prerogative


05-Rock Wit’cha
06-Every Little Step
07-I’ll Be Good To You
08-Take It Slow
09-All Day All Night
10-I Really Love You Girl
11-Cruel Reprise

Aretha Franklin – So Damn Happy (2003)

                                                    01-The Only Thing Missin’
                                                             03-Holdin’ On

04-No Matter What

05-Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool

06-So Damn Happy

07-You Are My Joy
08-Falling Out Of Love
09-Ain’t No Way
10-Good News
11-You Are My Joy (Reprise)

terça-feira, 11 de março de 2014

Adriana Evans ‎– Love Is All Around (Vinyl 12)-1997

                                        A1-Love Is All Around (Mo Bump Remix)                                                                                 A2-Love Is All Around (Mo Bump Instrumental)                                                                            A3-Love Is All Around (Album Version)                                                                                      B1-Hey Brother (Album Version)                                                                                                  B2-Love Is All Around (Drum & Bass Mix)                                             3-Love Is All Around (A Cappella)