sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2011

Naughty By Nature – Anthem Inc. (20th Anniverary Collector’s Edition CD) (2011)

  1. Anthem Inc. Intro
  2. Naughty Nation
  3. Throw It Up (feat. Tah G Ali)
  4. I Gotta Lotta (feat. Sonny Black)
  5. Perfect Party (feat. Joe)
  6. Flags (feat. Balewa Muhammad)
  7. Name Game (Remember) (feat. Kate Nauta)
  8. God Is Us (feat. Queen Latifah)
  9. Gunz & Butta (feat. Du It All, Black, Dueja & B. Wells)
  10. I Know What It's Like
  11. Ride
  12. Impeach The Planet (feat. Du It All, Black & Fam)
  13. Doozit (feat. Syleena Johnson)
  14. Uptown Anthem [20th Anniversary Version]
  15. Hip Hop Hooray [20th Anniversary Version]
  16. O.P.P. [20th Anniversary Version]
  17. Feel Me Flow [20th Anniversary Version]
  18. Everything's Gonna Be Alright [20th Anniversary Version]
  19. Perfect Party (Instrumental) [iTunes Deluxe Edition Only]
  20. Name Game (Remember) (Instrumental) [iTunes Deluxe Edition Only]
  21. God Is Us (Instrumental) [iTunes Deluxe Edition Only]