sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016

Louie Rankin - The Typewriter EP (Vinyl 12)- [1991]

A1 - Typewriter (From The Showdown Album)
A2 - Typewriter (Instrumental)
B1 - Monster Move
B2 - Monster Move (Instrumental)

Beneficence - Basement Chemistry (White Vinyl Edition) - 2016

A1- Intro
A2- EZ As 1-2
A3- Digital Warfare ft. Inspectah Deck
A4- Anyway It Goes ft. MC Eiht
A5- Wranglers & Asics
B1- Smooth Hardcore ft. AG
B2- Vibrate the Streets
B3- Maui Vacation
B4- Against The Grain
B5- Forever More
C1- When The Sun Comes ft. Masta Ace
C2- Ghetto Music Rap (We Doin' It)
C3- Blast This $hit! ft. El Da Sensei 
C4- Each One Teach One ft. Estee Nack
C5- We Got That!
D1- Masters Of The Class ft. Chubb Rock
D2- Manuscripts ft. MindsOne
D3- The Heart
D4- Make It Hot (Jingle Jangle 2.0) ft. The Legion & Dres (of Black Sheep)

quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2015

The Controllers - Stay (Vinyl 12)-(1986)

                                             A1 - Stay (Extended Club Version)
                                                        B1 - Stay (Radio Edit)
                                                      B2 - Stay (Instrumental)
                                                        B3 - Stay (Acappella)

B4 - Stay (Bonus Beats)

quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015

Justin Timberlake – Senorita [CDM] (2003)

01-Senorita (Album Version)
02-Senorita (Instrumental)
03-Senorita (Eddies Extended Club Mix)
04-Rock Your Body (Vasquez Club Anthem Mix)

Sinister - Mobbin' 4 Life (1994)

01. Ya Get Mobbed On
02. Buck-Em Down

03. Land Of The Living Dead

04. Life Of A Sinner (feat. Kim Armstrong)
05. Just The Tip (Interlude)
06. The Erection (Interlude)
07. Bank Heist
08. Mobbin' 4 Life
09. I Won't Forget You G
10. The East Side (feat. Kim Armstrong)
11. Don't Get it Twisted
12. Jail (Interlude)
13. How Many Niggas Wanna Get With This (feat. G Man)
14. Young G
15. Mr. Dick
16. Put A Snitch In The Ditch

2 Much - Wild Thang (Vinyl 12-1988)

A1-Wild Thang
A2-Totally Awesome
B1-Wild Thang (Acapella)
B2-Totally Awesome (Dub)

Ice Cube ‎- Friday (Promo CDS)-(1995)

01-Friday (Radio)
02-Friday (LP Version)
03-Friday (Instrumental)

Ray Luv ‎– Definition Of Ah Hustla / Ride With The Luvva Man (Promo CDM)-1995

01-Definition Of Ah Hustla (Radio Edit)
02-Definition Of Ah Hustla (Instrumental)
03-Ride Wit The Luvva Man (Radio Edit)
04-Ride Wit The Luvva Man (Instrumental)
05-Definition Of Ah Hustla (Street)
06-Definition Of Ah Hustla (Urban Radio Mix)

Ms. Melodie - Hype According to Ms. Melodie (Vinyl 12)-(1988)

A1-To Sing All Night (Vocal)
A2-Hype According To Ms. Melodie (Vocal)
A3-What Do You Do (Vocal)
B1-To Sing All Night (Instrumental)
B2-Hype According To Ms. Melodie (Instrumental)
B3-What Do You Do (Instrumental)

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (Vinyl 12)-(1982)

01-Planet Rock (Vocal)
02-Planet Rock (Bonus Beats I)
03-Planet Rock (Instrumental)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - I Wanna Rock (Vinyl 12)-(1994)

A1-I Wanna Rock (LP Version)
A2-I Wanna Rock (Radio Edit)
A3-I Wanna Rock (Mr. Lee's Radio Edit)
B1-I Wanna Rock (Jazzy Jeff's Vibe Mix)
B2-I Wanna Rock (Jazzy Jeff's Radio Edit)
B3-I Wanna Rock (Jazzy Jeff's Vibestramental Mix)
B4-Code Red

Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince - The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff (Vinyl 12)-(1987)

A1-The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff
A2-The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff (Instrumental)
B1-The Megadope Mix

Sweet Daddy Ceville ‎– Partners In Crime / Let The Sports Begin [MF Records / 12"]-1988

A1. Partners In Crime (Vocal)
A2. Let The Sports Begin (Vocal)
B1. Partners In Crime (Instrumental)
B2. Let The Sports Begin (Instrumental)

segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2015

eMC - The Tonite Show (2015)

1. The Departure (skit)-  Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Isabelle Camenzind
2. Fly Thoughts Featuring Pearl Gates – Produced by Kic Beats

3. The Opening (skit) – Russell Peters, Tonedeff

4. The Monologue – Produced by Diamond D
5. The Green Room (skit) – DJ Danica, Pearl Gates, Masta Ace, Wordsworth
6. Stoopid Featuring B-Real – Produced by DJ Scienz
7. The Male Groupie (skit) – James “Faiz” Williams, Masta Ace
8. Moopies Featuring Sadat X – Produced by Deborah’s Son
9. The Couch (skit) – Russell Peters, Rosie Perez
10. Signtology Featuring Dion – Produced by Kic Beats
11. Triple Threat Featuring Powermalu – Produced by Flip the Soul Fisher
12. The Car Jack (skit) – Bklyn Science, Stricklin
13. It Ain’t Easy Featuring Marlon Saunders – Produced by Mananz
14. I Like You Like Featuring Strickie Love – Produced by Koolade
15. Scream Featuring Pav Bundy – Produced by The ARE
16. The Math Man (skit) – Russell Peters, Timoor Anunnaki, Rosie Perez
17. Numbers Featuring Xzibit – Produced by Pav Bundy
18. Tony’s Room (skit) – Masta Ace, Bob Power, Tony Rock
19. Spun A Web Remix featuring Tu Kora – Produced by Pav Bundy
20. Away From Love Featuring Signif – Produced by Skeematics
21. The Closing (skit) – Russell Peters, Steve “The Angry Merch Guy”
22. Outtakes

sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2015

Rodney-O. & Joe Cooley – Three The Hard Way (CD) (1990)

01-Once Again
02-When The Beats Come In
03-Say It Loud

04-When He Plays


06-Can U Back It Up

07-We’re Gonna Kick It Once

08-Three The Hard Way

09-Hocus Pocus
10-Beat Blaster
11-Fun, Fun, Fun
12-DJ’s & MC’s Part II
13-Down Goes Another
14-See Ya

domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2015

Big L – MVP (CDM) (1995)

  1. R.I.P Big L    
  2. Lamont Coleman, também conhecido como Big L, foi um rapper estadunidense. Wikipédia
  3. Nascimento30 de maio de 1974, Harlem, Nova Iorque, EUA
  4. Falecimento15 de fevereiro de 1999, Nova Iorque, Nova Iorque, EUA                        Lamont Coleman, also known as Big L, was an American rapper. Wikipedia
    Birth: May 30, 1974, Harlem, New York, USA
    Death: February 15, 1999, New York, New York, USA
02-MVP (Instrumental)
03-MVP (Summer Smooth Mix)
04-MVP (Summer Smooth Instrumental)
           05-Fed Up Wit The Bullshit             

sexta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2015

Coolio - C U When U Get There (Feat. 40 Thevz) Hit 'Em-(CDM)-(1997)

                                                               CD SINGLE RARO
                                                                 CD SINGLE RARO
01-C U When U Get There (Bill & Humberto's Orchestra Mix)
02-C U When U Get There ( Album Version)
03-C U When U Get There (Ren Swan's Mix)

04-C U When U Get There ((Humberto's Alternate Mix) 

05-C U When U Get There (Bill & Humberto's Orchestra Mix, Extended) 

06-C U When U Get There (Coolio's Album Version, Extended)
07-C U When U Get There (Instrumental) 

08-C U When U Get There ((Ren Swan Instrumentsal)

                                                       09-Hit 'Em (Album Version)                                                  10- Hit 'Em (Instrumental Version)

terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2015

MV Bill – vitória para quem acordou agora e longa vida para aqueles que nunca dormiu (EP)-2014

  MV Bill -Victory for those who woke up Now and long life for those who never Slept (EP)-2014
01 – Brado Retumbante
02 – Pedra no Caminho

03 – Um Tiro

04 – Campo Minado (Part. Dexter)

05 – Testemunha Ocular

06 – Raiz (Part. Ramonzin e Nina Black)

07 – A Luz (Persiana Baixa Mix) (Part. Kmilla CDD)